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15 February 2015

Mt Wellington Walk

15 February 2015
Mt Wellington Walk

Lenah Valley to Junction Cabin via North South and Lenah Valley tracks. An easy-ish walk but a decent workout for an old fart like me. The junction is a cool place to stop for lunch, and sometimes make a decision to take one of the other tracks when you are feeling energetic.

North South track is easier on the way up as it is a shared bike track, therefore less steep. You do need to keep your eyes open in order to hop out of the way when riders come along.

[media-downloader media_id=”3711″ texts=”Download GPX”]

Total distance: 8367 m
Max elevation: 628 m
Total climbing: 501 m
Download file: activity_696878136.gpx

Wilson’s Promontory

5 January 2015
Wilson’s Promontory
Total distance: 37534 m
Max elevation: 346 m
Total climbing: 1861 m
Download file: activity_439888992.gpx

Mt Field West Circuit

20 December 2014
Mt Field West Circuit

How good is Tassie when places like this are practically on your doorstep? This is 3 days of walking, wish we could’ve stayed up there for 3 weeks. Campsites were at Twisted Tarn and Clemes. Next time we’ll figure out a way to include via Tarn Shelf.

[media-downloader media_id=”3718″ texts=”Download GPX”]

Total distance: 29463 m
Max elevation: 1414 m
Total climbing: 1415 m
Download file: activity_670661282.gpx

Springs/Organ Pipes Loop

8 September 2014
Springs/Organ Pipes Loop

An easy Mt Wellington circuit, with scenery currently in danger of being fucked up by a cable car.

Track starts at the Springs, for some reason the GPS didn’t start recording until we were up the hill a bit.

Total distance: 9690 m
Max elevation: 1018 m
Total climbing: 591 m
Download file: activity_585667510.gpx

Lost World

22 March 2014
Lost World

Quite a strain on the old knee joints. Worth it though.

Total distance: 4278 m
Max elevation: 1143 m
Total climbing: 373 m
Download file: activity_465207986.gpx