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Walls of Jerusalem

21 July 2016

This is the combined track of a 3-day walk we did in January ’16. It’s a bit dodgy because the GPS battery went flat on the West Wall.

We camped at Wild Dog Creek which is fine if you don’t mind queuing for the toilet and people squealing at 11pm because they’ve never seen a possum outside their tent before. Might look for somewhere a bit more private if I was to go in the middle of summer again.

Total distance: 32863 m
Max elevation: 1489 m
Total climbing: 1975 m


The Voyage

The Voyage

UPDATE – 24 May 16
The Voyage wins a MAGNA award, which is nice.

Some vintage-style interface design and scenery graphics for  ‘The Voyage‘, an educational HTML5 game produced by Roar Film for the Australian National Maritime Museum.

The game re-creates the journey of a convict ship from England to Tasmania in the 1830’s and contains a number of complex tasks centred around responsibilities of crew selection, navigation, supply and convict health & morale.

If you’re not up for playing the actual game, below is a gallery of the bits I was responsible for.

Lake Nameless Walk

Lake Nameless Walk

Higgs Track to the hut at Lake Nameless.

Total distance: 20450 m
Max elevation: 1246 m
Total climbing: 1118 m

Cockle Creek ride

14 April 2015
Cockle Creek ride

Took the DR650s riding backroads from Geeveston to Cockle Creek, returning via Esperance Coast Rd.

Total distance: 173415 m
Max elevation: 689 m
Total climbing: 3177 m