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Ice House/Zig Zag Circuit

30 June 2015
Ice House/Zig Zag Circuit

An interesting Mt Wellington walk starting at the Springs, up the Ice House track (completely missing the ice houses), lunch just south of the summit and back down via Zigzag & Pinnacle tracks.

[media-downloader media_id=”3707″ texts=”Download GPX track”]

Total distance: 8535 m
Max elevation: 1245 m
Total climbing: 851 m
Download file: Track_ICEHOUSE.gpx

Mt Wellington Walk

15 February 2015
Mt Wellington Walk

Lenah Valley to Junction Cabin via North South and Lenah Valley tracks. An easy-ish walk but a decent workout for an old fart like me. The junction is a cool place to stop for lunch, and sometimes make a decision to take one of the other tracks when you are feeling energetic.

North South track is easier on the way up as it is a shared bike track, therefore less steep. You do need to keep your eyes open in order to hop out of the way when riders come along.

[media-downloader media_id=”3711″ texts=”Download GPX”]

Total distance: 8367 m
Max elevation: 628 m
Total climbing: 501 m
Download file: activity_696878136.gpx

Springs/Organ Pipes Loop

8 September 2014
Springs/Organ Pipes Loop

An easy Mt Wellington circuit, with scenery currently in danger of being fucked up by a cable car.

Track starts at the Springs, for some reason the GPS didn’t start recording until we were up the hill a bit.

Total distance: 9690 m
Max elevation: 1018 m
Total climbing: 591 m
Download file: activity_585667510.gpx

Lost World

22 March 2014
Lost World

Quite a strain on the old knee joints. Worth it though.

Total distance: 4278 m
Max elevation: 1143 m
Total climbing: 373 m
Download file: activity_465207986.gpx

Snake Plains/Milles/Pipeline

10 November 2013
Snake Plains/Milles/Pipeline

Starting at Neika, we turned uphill onto the relatively unused Snake Plains track, then left on Milles to Wellington Falls and returning via Pipeline track with wet socks. A fairly long circuit with constantly changing scenery and conditions.

Total distance: 18144 m
Max elevation: 899 m
Total climbing: 974 m
Download file: activity_402776484.gpx